Victorian Floor Tile Restoration, North Wales

Tiling Services

Rieveley Ceramics has the experience and expertise needed for installing geometric and encaustic tiling. We will install new tiling or use restored original tiling. We offer advice on design and will supply detailed plans to give you a picture of the floor, to ensure that you are happy before the tiles are laid.

Rieveley Ceramics aim to provide a service that can meet your project needs from start to finish. We specialise in restoring and conserving Victorian and Edwardian geometric and encaustic floor tiles and quarry tiles.
The well known manufacturers such as Minton & Hollins, Maws, J C Edwards, Godwin, who pioneered the production of these beautiful and practical floors no longer survive, consequently there is now limited manufacturing of this type of tiling. Rieveley Ceramics can supply new and old tiles.
Repair - from fixing the odd loose tile to the removal and replacement of complete floors or wall tiling schemes. Repairing damage caused by pipe work, cabling, carpet grippers, subsidence, damp etc.

Cleaning - removing dirt, old waxes and polish, paint, oil, adhesives, cement and grout stains etc.

Protection - applying finishes helping to preserve and protect, sealing and polishing to enhance colour and allowing easy maintenance.

Supply - Making or sourcing tiles, matching tiles, glazes, decoration.

Planning - inspection of schemes, supplying drawings, quantifying materials, etc

Care and Maintenance - We will advise on an ongoing regime to keep your tiles in good condition.